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Second Presepadas... Finally...

2008-02-15 19:53:24 by 100-1d314

Yup... Its coming! The second Mortal kombat Presepadas is coming!
I would like to say something first... I am really... Really sorry for the people that is still waiting for the second Presepada, its almost a year... But I had to face some horrible problems in my life... Everything happened to me... But that is not the main stuff! I was almost finishing Presepada 2 until a Virus deleted my whole HD... I lost my hope in that moment... But no! 2 months ago I decided to continue my project! To make people laugh! To make people happy! I wont lose my hopes again! And I hope that you guys forgive me from what happened... I will warn everyone when its done! So far I would say its 35% done! So dont you worry people! Presepadas 2 is coming soon!

Second Presepadas... Finally...


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2008-03-03 01:27:00

legal boa sorte e sobre o flash desisti!


2008-03-13 09:53:45

Can't wait to see that!!


2008-08-28 09:30:29

Make that Jax-parts again ;)


2008-08-28 09:32:10

whoops, I wanted to say Jax-part.
(sorry, I'm from germany)


2008-12-07 06:55:28

Thanks for you to making part two.
I hope this was such funny like part one


2008-12-17 19:36:48

cara, adorei o primeiro, espero q esse seja tão legal quanto


2008-12-17 19:38:30

ah é esqueci!!
o master chief bem q poderia aperecer nesse ai
boa sorteee


2012-01-20 20:37:21

wow.....pretty much 4 years since you posted that.....All I ask is, when is Presepadas 2 coming out now?


2013-06-19 16:57:38

what gives